Wolf will most likely be the name used by Apple for the platform prefix codename that appears in the name of app bundles. This is based on the latest…

February 2023

Books, Movies, Health, and Game modes are coming soon

August 2022

New Ring announcement could be right around the corner
Hidden details in Netflix’s mobile app reveals that they are working on public user names or game handles for their suite of mobile games. The handle…
And a promotion for the anniversary of Walmart Plus
Netflix is working on a new streaming plan called ‘Netflix with ads’ in hopes of retaining more users. Text found in Netflix’s app reveals that the new…

June 2022

Meta (Facebook) does not currently make a Quest dock but details in its mobile app show that Meta is working on a dock accessory for mostly likely a…
Lyft is looking to enhanced LyftMaps

May 2022

"All-in-one checking and investing, with the tools to help you establish financial strength and mighty up your money."

April 2022

The latest update to SpaceX’s Starlink app added code from the Viro framework. The Viro framework describes itself as Viro React is a platform for…
Big on big names but small on substance

March 2022

360 video of Ring Car Cam and Ring Bird's Eye Zones