The latest update to SpaceX’s Starlink app added code from the Viro framework. The Viro framework describes itself as Viro React is a platform for developers to rapidly build augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) experiences. Developers write in React Native, and Viro…
Big on big names but small on substance
360 video of Ring Car Cam and Ring Bird's Eye Zones
4 colors, LE Audio, and more
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MoneyGram, a cross boarder P2P payments and money transfer company, is working on supporting Poli Payments as evidenced by text found in MoneyGram’s iOS…
Intuit is working on integrating ‘Cleo’ and ‘April’ virtual assistants into TurboTax. Not much is known about these assistants at this time.
I found code in WhatsApp that indicates that Meta (formally: Facebook) is working on verifying Novi users’ bank accounts using Klarna. The code reads…
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